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There are a lot of reasons that we will want to be cool in the summer months.  However, there are times that we don’t need to run the air conditioning but rather have a window unit or even a ceiling fan blowing in the room.  To do this, we might look at installing a ceiling fan ourselves, however, it could be a little more challenging than we first thought.  This is why many people will look towards electrical companies such as Mission Electrical Contractor to do the work for them.

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Turn off the power

The first step in anything is to turn off the power.  Before any electrical services hemet work is done, the power needs to be off.  If you fail to turn off the power it can lead to a mild shock, a major shock or even potential surges which can start a fire.

To turn off the power you will need to look for the fuse box.  This box is typically installed in a secure location such as the garage or even the bedroom closet.  Before you start any work, make sure you know where your fuse box is and which breakers go to what.

Remove old units

After you have turned off any power sources it is time to remove any old ceiling fans or light fixtures that may be where you want your fan.  Carefully with a screwdriver and an assistant, remove the old unit.  You will want to bed back any wires so that they are not touching each other or anything else.  This is a great precaution in case someone tries to turn on the power.

Attach the new unit

Now that you have the old unit removed you can start to attach the new unit.  If you are doing this from scratch then you will need to have an electrician come in and run wires to where you want the fan installed.  Once the new wires are attached, mount the fan and once everything is good, turn on the power and make sure everything works.  If there is still a problem, turn the power off and test what you have done.